Sarah Hays


Hello and welcome to my page! I am glad you took the time to visit.

img_5982.jpgExpanding people’s knowledge of the world is a passion of mine, so with a major in journalism and psychology, I hope to impact people for the better by publishing visual and technical news. I currently work as an intern for Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have a strong focus on scientific journalism because I truly enjoy breaking down scientific research for general audiences.IMG_0462

Photography is a hobby of mine that aligns well with my dream to travel the world. I hope to use photos and writing to capture moments and tell them to the world,

IMG_8777from anywhere and anytime. I take official portraits for people part-time when I’m not in class or at work.

I enjoy being active outdoors and volunteering for organizations like Street Tails, Inc., Be The Match, or Children’s Cancer Cancer Connections, all non-profit organizations within Central Iowa.IMG_1071

I am from Winterset, Iowa, a small town about an hour South of Des Moines. I have traveled to Europe


and New York City and I wish to see both of those places again, along with the rest of the world on the way.

Check out my site and some of my work, and please contact me through my contact information for anything at all. Thanks!

Here’s a link to my Instagram, another outlet I use for photos:


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